HEVI-Dove Shotshells

HEVI-Dove Shotshells 12 gauge 300 Rounds


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HEVI-Dove Shotshells: Superior Performance for Dove Hunting


For avid dove hunters seeking exceptional performance in the field, HEVI-Dove Shotshells offer a winning combination of power, accuracy, and reliability. Designed specifically for dove hunting, these specialized shotgun shells are engineered to maximize success in the pursuit of these fast-flying game birds.

HEVI-Dove Shotshells are crafted with precision and innovation. They feature a unique blend of high-density tungsten alloy pellets, carefully selected to optimize patterns and deliver superior downrange energy. The advanced shot technology of this ammo ensures consistent, tight patterns, increasing the chances of a successful harvest. Bulk carts

Features of the HEVI-Dove Shotshells 12 gauge 300 Rounds

  1. One of the key advantages of HEVI-Dove Shotshells is their superior penetration. The high-density tungsten alloy pellets provide enhanced knockdown power, enabling clean kills even at extended distances. This is crucial in dove hunting, as these agile birds can be challenging to bring down due to their quick movements and evasive flight patterns.
  2. Another notable feature is their reduced recoil. With a focus on shooter comfort, these shells are designed to minimize felt recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots and improved accuracy. The reduced recoil also aids in maintaining target acquisition, ensuring that hunters can stay on target and make precise shots.
  3. HEVI-Dove Shotshells are available in a range of shot sizes suitable for dove hunting. From smaller shot sizes, such as #7.5 and #8, to larger sizes like #6, hunters can select the most appropriate load based on their preferences and hunting conditions. This versatility allows hunters to adapt to different situations, ensuring optimal performance in various dove hunting scenarios.
  4. In addition to their impressive performance, they are manufactured with the highest quality standards. Each shell undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability and consistency, giving hunters the confidence they need in the field. These reliable shotshells are designed to function flawlessly in a variety of shotgun models, providing a seamless shooting experience.

When using HEVI-Dove Shotshells or any ammunition, it is essential to prioritize safety and follow all applicable laws and regulations. Responsible hunting practices and adherence to ethical standards contribute to the sustainability of dove populations and the preservation of the sport.


In summary, HEVI-Dove Shotshells are the go-to choice for dove hunters seeking exceptional performance. With their advanced shot technology, superior penetration, reduced recoil, and reliable construction, these shotshells are designed to optimize success in the field. When equipped with HEVI-Dove Shotshells, hunters can confidently pursue doves, knowing they have the advantage of top-tier ammunition that offers both power and precision.