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CCI Meat Eater Copper-22 22 Long Rifle 1000 Rounds


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  • NAME: CCI Meat Eater Copper-22 22 Long Rifle 21
  • TYPE:  Riffle & Handgun Ammo
  • CALIBER: 22 Long Rifle
  • GRAINS: 21 gr
  • ROUNDS: 1000
  • MUZZLE VELOCITY:  1850 fps
  • BULLET TYPE: Copper Plated Hollow Point

shot a lot of CCI 22LR this summer and found it to generally be a very high-quality round. While you noted, accuracy falls off a cliff at array, but is very good in seventy five yards or so (I found the exact same being genuine). Shameless plug: e mail or ping me and acquire ten% off this round.Discharging firearms in improperly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition could cause publicity to steer and various substances known to the State of California to result in beginning defects, reproductive damage, along with other critical Bodily injuries.Oh yeah. I shoot out to 150 consistently and at 220 yards targets at times with my CZ 455 and it’s incredibly exact. Wind will screw it up very easily, but with most ammo it’s a complete non-concern at those ranges. This lightweight, mad rapid ammo is actually a marked exception.Make certain the vendor appreciates the firearm is coming from Crimson Dot Arms. In case you utilized a supplier that we have already got on file, phone him to let him are aware that a gun for you personally is on the way in which. buy CCI meat eater copper-22 Once more took 5 pictures at 80 yards, but only a few have been on paper. As this group was close to the prime in the target I really have to believe they went large. Sadly, no serious strategy to measure this team appropriately and I didn’t have plenty of COPPER-22 left to make it happen once more.I shot a lot of CCI 22LR this summer and found it being a really superior quality round.