Mossberg 935 Magnum Waterfowl

Mossberg 935 Magnum Waterfowl: Dominating the Skies with Unmatched Performance

The Mossberg 935 Magnum Waterfowl shotgun is a powerhouse firearm designed specifically for waterfowl hunting. With its impressive chamber size, reliable operation, and specialized features, this shotgun delivers unrivaled performance in the field. In this article, we will explore the exceptional attributes, advantages, and the growing popularity of the 935 Magnum Waterfowl among avid waterfowl hunters. Bulk carts

Features of the 935 Magnum Waterfowl

  1. Magnum Power for Waterfowl Hunting
    The Mossberg Magnum Waterfowl lives up to its name, offering magnum power for waterfowl hunting. It features a 3.5-inch chamber that accommodates heavy loads, such as steel or tungsten shot, maximizing the shotgun’s effectiveness against waterfowl species. With its ability to handle larger ammunition, this gun delivers increased range, penetration, and stopping power, ensuring hunters have the advantage they need in challenging waterfowl hunting scenarios.
  2. Reliable and Consistent Operation
    When it comes to waterfowl hunting, reliability is crucial. The Mossberg 935 Magnum Waterfowl excels in this aspect with its reliable gas-operated system. This system ensures consistent cycling, even with a wide range of loads, providing hunters with the confidence that their shotgun will function flawlessly in any situation. Whether it’s extreme weather conditions or rapid follow-up shots, the 935 Magnum Waterfowl delivers reliable operation when it matters most.
  3. Specialized Features for Waterfowl Hunting
    The Mossberg 935 Magnum Waterfowl is equipped with specialized features tailored for waterfowl hunting. It features a durable synthetic stock and forfend that can withstand the rigors of the field. The shotgun’s extended choke tubes, designed specifically for waterfowl hunting, offer optimal patterns and range for different shot sizes and hunting scenarios. Additionally, the shotgun’s camo finish provides effective concealment, ensuring hunters blend seamlessly into their waterfowl hunting environments.
  4. Comfort and Recoil Management
    Waterfowl hunting often involves long hours in challenging conditions. The Mossberg 935 Magnum prioritizes shooter comfort with its adjustable stock and recoil management features. The shotgun’s stock can be customized to achieve a proper fit, enhancing shooting comfort and reducing fatigue. Furthermore, the gas-operated system and the shotgun’s stock design work together to minimize felt recoil, allowing hunters to maintain accuracy and shoot for extended periods without discomfort.


The Mossberg 935 Magnum Waterfowl is a formidable shotgun designed to dominate the skies during waterfowl hunting. With its magnum power, reliable operation, specialized features, and shooter comfort considerations, this shotgun offers waterfowl hunters unmatched performance in the field. The Mossberg 935 Magnum is the ultimate companion for those seeking success and enjoyment in their waterfowl hunting pursuits.