Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey

Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey: Unleashing Precision and Power for Turkey Hunters

The Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey shotgun is a purpose-built firearm designed specifically for turkey hunting enthusiasts. With its impressive chamber size, specialized features, and reliable performance, this shotgun empowers hunters to pursue their prey with precision and power. In this article, we will explore the exceptional attributes, advantages, and growing popularity of this masterpiece among dedicated turkey hunters. Bulk carts

Features of the 935 Magnum Turkey

  1. Magnum Power for Turkey Hunting
    Turkey hunting requires a shotgun that can deliver the necessary power to take down these resilient birds. The Mossberg 935 Magnum is up to the task, featuring a 3.5-inch chamber that accommodates heavy loads, such as turkey-specific ammunition. With its magnum power, this shotgun provides increased range, penetration, and stopping power, ensuring hunters have the advantage they need when targeting elusive and heavily feathered games.
  2. Specialized Features for Turkey Hunting Success
    The Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey is equipped with specialized features that enhance the hunter’s chances of success in the turkey woods. It comes with an extended turkey choke that produces tight, dense patterns for optimal shot placement at extended ranges. The shotgun is also adorned with a durable camo finish, providing effective concealment and blending seamlessly into the turkey hunting environment, giving hunters the edge in pursuit of these wary birds.
  3. Reliable Performance in the Field
    When it comes to turkey hunting, reliability is paramount. The Mossberg 935 delivers consistent and reliable performance in the field, thanks to its gas-operated system. This system ensures reliable cycling, even with various loads and conditions, allowing hunters to focus on their shot placement rather than worrying about the firearm’s functionality. With the Mossberg 935 Magnum, hunters can trust their shotgun to perform flawlessly, shot after shot.
  4. Comfort and Recoil Management
    Turkey hunting often involves long periods of patiently waiting for the perfect shot opportunity. The Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey prioritizes shooter comfort with its adjustable stock and recoil management features. The shotgun’s stock can be customized to achieve a proper fit, enhancing shooting comfort and reducing fatigue during extended hunts. Additionally, the gas-operated system and the shotgun’s stock design work together to minimize felt recoil, allowing hunters to maintain accuracy and focus on their target.


The Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey is a purpose-built shotgun that combines magnum power, specialized features, and reliable performance to meet the unique demands of turkey hunting. With its ability to deliver precision and power, this shotgun empowers hunters to pursue their turkey hunting ambitions with confidence, ensuring an unforgettable and successful hunting experience.