Mossberg 590 Shockwave Firearms For Sale

Mossberg 590 Shockwave Shotgun


Mossberg 590 Shotgun for Sale

Mossberg 590 shotgun for sale is a pump-action shotgun that is incredibly dependable and adaptable, making it ideal for a variety of uses, including hunting, home defense, and tactical use. The shotgun is a fantastic option for any user because to its tough and sturdy construction and a number of practical features.

Features of the Mossberg 590 Shotgun

The Mossberg 590 shotgun is a highly adaptable and dependable shotgun with a variety of characteristics to suit the demands of various users. This shotgun has a number of important properties, such as:

  • It has dual extractors, which provide a smooth, dependable action and avoid jamming.
  • The shotgun has a positive steel-to-steel lockup that creates a strong and reliable connection between the bolt and barrel.
  • The Mossberg 590  shotgun has an anti-jam elevator that stops jams and guarantees a smooth, dependable action.
  • Dual action bars: The shotgun has dual action bars for a reliable and smooth action.
  • Barrel with a thick wall: The shotgun has a barrel with a thick wall that increases accuracy and durability.

More about the Mossberg 590 Shotgun for Sale

The for sale Mossberg 590 shotgun is an incredibly efficient and adaptable pump-action shotgun that is ideal for a variety of uses, including tactical, home defense, and hunting. The shotgun has a robust and durable design, as well as a number of practical features that make it a fantastic option for any user. Any user would do well to choose the Mossberg 590 shotgun because it is simple to operate and maintain. For anyone looking for a durable, adaptable, and accurate shotgun that can withstand heavy use, the Mossberg 590 is a fantastic option.


Gauge 12
Capacity 5+1
Chamber 3″
Barrel Type Heavy-Walled
Barrel Length 14.375″
Sight/Base Bead
Choke Cylinder Bore
Barrel Finish Matte Blued
Stock Finish Raptor Grip / Corn Cob Forend w/ Strap
Weight 5.25
Length 26.37″
UPC 015813506595