Marlin 336 RC
Marlin 336 RC

Marlin 336 RC


  Product Overview

Rifle – Used in Good condition
This is a used Marlin 336RC rifle chambered in 32 Winchester Special. It features a 20-inch barrel, tube magazine, brass bead front sight, Weaver K4 scope, Williams hammer extension, blued finish, and walnut stock. Overall, this Marlin is in good vintage condition with normal age-related finish wear on the barrel, receiver, and stock. The forend has a small crack on the right side towards the receiver. Bore condition is good with crisp rifling. A JM stamp is visible on the right side of the barrel. Based on serial number prefix, this Marlin was manufactured in 1949. This would be a good choice for hunting. Buy online today!

      Product Details

  • Condition: Fairly Used
  • Barell Length: 20 inch
  • Warranty: lifetime

Marlin 336 RC For Sale

The Marlin 336 RC is a beloved lever-action rifle that has gained a loyal following among hunters, collectors, and shooting enthusiasts. Known for its reliability, versatility, and classic design, the Marlin Model 336 has become an iconic firearm that stands the test of time.

The Marlin 336 RC, which stands for “Regular Carbine,” offers a blend of traditional styling and modern performance. It features a compact and maneuverable design, making it well-suited for hunting in dense woods or navigating tight spaces. The lever-action mechanism allows for quick follow-up shots, making it a favorite among hunters who value speed and accuracy.

One of the standout features of this gun is its chambering in popular calibers such as .30-30 Winchester. The .30-30 cartridge is renowned for its effectiveness on medium-sized game, making it a trusted choice for deer hunting. With its reliable lever-action system and the power of the .30-30 cartridge, the Marlin 336 RC offers hunters a winning combination of versatility and stopping power.

Marlin Model 336

It is built to last, with a solid construction and attention to detail. Its walnut stock showcases the rifle’s classic aesthetics, while the blued steel barrel and receiver provide durability and resistance to the elements. The rifle’s balance and handling characteristics make it comfortable to shoot, allowing for precise aiming and minimal recoil.

Using the Marlin 336 RC extends beyond hunting; it has also found favor among collectors and shooting enthusiasts. Its timeless design and reputation for reliability have made it a sought-after firearm for those who appreciate firearms with historical significance. Marlin Model 336’s reputation for accuracy also makes it a popular choice for competitive shooting and recreational target practice.

Lever-Action Rifles

When owning a Marlin 336 RC or any firearm, it is essential to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding ownership, use, and storage. Responsible firearm ownership and adherence to safety practices are of utmost importance.

In summary, this is a classic lever-action rifles that has earned a well-deserved reputation for its reliability, versatility, and timeless design. Chambered in popular calibers like .30-30 Winchester, it offers hunters a powerful and accurate tool for pursuing medium-sized game. Whether you’re a hunter, collector, or shooting enthusiast, the Marlin 336 RC embodies the spirit of a true American firearm and provides a rewarding shooting experience.