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Hoyt Torrex Compound Bow



The Hoyt Torrex compound bow is one of the most popular hunting bows available today. It has been used successfully by many top notch archers and hunters around the world. The Hoyt Torrex is known for being extremely durable and reliable. The Hoyt TorRex compound bow is built tough and ready to go. It is constructed from high quality materials and features a unique design that allows for easy draw weight adjustment. The Hoyt Tor Rex compound bow comes equipped with a powerful cam system that provides consistent performance under all conditions. The Hoyt Torrexx compound bow is a great choice for anyone looking for a dependable hunting bow.


Axle-to-axle: 30¾
Speed: 327 FPS
Brace Height: 7″
Mass Weight: 3.8 lbs
Draw Lengths: 26-30″
Draw Weight: 30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 60-70#
Price: $599 / $699 RTH Package

The Hoyt Torrex Compound Bows are the most powerful compound bows available. They have been designed for serious hunters who want to take their game hunting to the next level. The Hoyt Torrex compound bow has an amazing power-to-weight ratio, making it one of the best bows you can buy. It also features a unique design that allows you to shoot with ease and accuracy.

Hoyt Torrex compound bows are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. This means that they are built to handle extreme temperatures and humidity. You won’t find any other bow that can match the performance of these Hoyt Torrex bows.

The Hoyt Torrex compound bow has been around since the early 1900’s. In fact, it was invented by Hoyt himself. He wanted to create a bow that would be able to withstand harsh weather conditions while still being easy to use. Hoyt created his first compound bow in 1915 and patented it in 1917. Hoyt continued to improve upon his original design until he perfected the compound bow we know today.