Bowtech Amplify
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Bowtech Amplify Compound Bow


Bowtech Amplify Compound Bow

Drive, performance, and versatility to the max – Bowtech Amplify is cranking up the speed, the smooth drawing accuracy, and the performance available to anyone looking to get the most for their hard-earned dollar with the Amplify. Firstly, the model of extreme adjustability, it features a draw-length and draw weight range to accommodate everyone from youth and beginning shooters, to the seasoned vet. It achieves a blistering 335 FPS speed, while providing a silky-smooth draw and hair-splitting accuracy. Crank the total archery experience to the max, with the Amplify. Bulk carts


Also, the newest innovation of the Bowtech Amplify Compound Bow is here to revolutionize your shooting experience. This bow features the patented Orbit Dampener and PowerShift technologies, bringing you the most advanced and user-friendly compound bow on the market. Moreover, this bow offers superior vibration control and balance, allowing for more comfort and accuracy during your practice session. The synchronized Binary Cams further add to the bow’s accuracy, making it ideal for serious archers looking to take their game to the next level. This bow also has an easy-to-use tuning system for optimal performance, so you can be sure that your shooting will be as consistent as possible. Get the Bowtech Amplify Compound Bow today and upgrade your equipment for a more precise and enjoyable shooting experience!


  • Powershift: Now you can shift from maximum speed and power to hard-hitting with a smoother draw, to the ultimate in shooting comfort. New PowerShift™ technology quickly adjusts to your shooting style with no need for a bow press in just a few minutes.
  • Synchronized Binary Cams: X-cutting accuracy. A smooth draw cycles. Simple tuning you can set and forget. Our Binary Cam system is engineered with two perfectly symmetrical cams slaved together for flat-line nock travel and bombproof consistency.
  • Orbit Dampener: Significantly reduces all felt vibration while offsetting the weight of additional accessories.


  • Draw Length: 21″ – 30″
  • Draw Weight: 8-70 lbs
  • Axle To Axle: 31.5″
  • IBO Speed: 335 FPS
  • Brace Height: 6″
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs