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Bear Archery Kodiak 60” Recurve Bow


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  • Its build is sturdy and designed for years of use
  • Everything is polished down to the tips of the limbs
  • The high-quality string will send your arrows flying at high speeds
  • Different draw weights are available


  • You cannot ignore the expensive price tag this model comes with

Bear Archery is a company with a long-standing tradition in making high-quality bows, and, as you might expect, the Super Kodiak is part of what carries on the household name with pride. It must be said, right from the start, that this model is part of the brand’s traditional series, so it has a design that was first launched on the market in 1967. Tested by time, and embraced by hunters and shooters everywhere, the Super Kodiak is, without a doubt, an investment that may last you a lifetime. The result of the manufacturer’s dedication to creating the strongest and most accurate recurve bows on the market, the Bear Archery Super


That is always something you should check when you want to make sure that the bow you purchase will last and justify the expense for years to come. In this case, there are several aspects about the general construction of the Samick Sage that will convince you it is such a great deal.

For starters, the riser is made from a combination of maple wood and olive Dymondwood. That mix grants it extreme resilience, and you will be able to subject your recurve bow to a lot of wear and tear without noticing anything troublesome about it. Maple wood is used for the limbs, too, but here, the material is laminated with fiberglass to ensure that they remain flexible and easy to draw even by a beginner.

The term takedown means that you will be able to disassemble it. The even better news is that you can do so for this model without the need for special tools. You can remove the screws with just your fingers. Everything in this recurve bow was thought to offer convenience, and you will find it very manageable and easy to use.


Best New Hunting Bows 2022, Ask your bowhunting buddies to list the all-time greatest bowhunting bows. Chances are the classic 1959 Bear Kodiak will be at the top of everyone’s list. Now Bear Archery has brought this legendary recurve back, featuring all the power and performance bowhunters enjoyed in years past .Best New Hunting Bows 2022

This 60″ recreation of the classic Kodiak features a satin finish, leather grip, large profile leather strike plate, and a forgiving feather arrow rest.

Riser: Radiused, cut-past center shelf. I-Beam construction of Purple Heart with Bolivian Rosewood on the sides. Back of the grip is capped with brown and white fiberglass accents.

Limbs: fashioned with action Maple cores, faced with caramel colored glass and backed with a brown glass sleekly radiused for precision shooting. Tips – layered with brown and white fiberglass, and hand finished to accommodate modern bow strings.

String: D97 Flemish string.

Options: Right or left handed in weights of 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60#.

Please Note: A different tint of color, different grain in the wood, and even “birthmarks” are common in this bow. You may receive a bow that looks different from the one pictured. Please be aware of this when ordering. If you would like a particular look, include a note on your order to contact you, or call us at 7605153871 to describe the particular look you would prefer.


Right Hand, Left Hand


35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs, 55lbs, 60lbs