7.62x39mm WPA Military Ammo in Spam Can 1000 Rounds


Ammo price is per case.


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  • MANUFACTURER:WPA Military Classic
  • NAME: WPA Military Ammunition in Spam Can
  • TYPE: Rifle Ammo
  • CALIBER:  7.62x39mm
  • GRAINS: 124 gr
  • ROUNDS: 640
  • MUZZLE VELOCITY: 2330 fps
  • Muzzle Energy : N/A
  • BULLET TYPE:  Full Metal Jacket

This seven.62x39mm cartridge from WOLF Overall performance Ammunition’s Military Basic line of ammunition is packed in a long lasting steel spam can, which if still left unopened can defend its contents versus corrosion for a number of a long time. 7.62x39mm WPA Military Ammo are superior whenever we’re able to learn from each other and the whole shooting community thanks you for sharing your working experience! Wolf Military Typical seven.62x39mm Ammo 124 Gr FMJ Steel Situation ammo review features the next details; WPA Wolf ammunition is produced in Russia by Barnaul. Wolf Military Classic ammunition encompasses a Mil-Spec style and design offering trusted working along with a polymer coating to be certain clean feeding and extraction. This Wolf Military Vintage seven.62x39mm ammunition is loaded using a 124 grain Bi-Metal Whole Steel Jacket bullet. Bi-metal bullets element a jacket consisting of alternating sheets of copper and metal, then pressed jointly. The heat generated with the strain fuses the sheets of copper and steel alongside one another forming a brand new alloy called bi-steel. This technique brings about high quality, however reasonably priced ammunition for that large quantity shooter. This ammunition contains a polymer coating to guarantee easy feeding and extraction. Wolf Military Typical ammunition is held to several of the greatest standards and goes by demanding tests in advance of currently being put out available on the market, yet it remains Just about the most reasonably priced makers promoting to most of the people now   buybestguns